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'When the purring stopped, there was no escape from…' The Terror of the Cats. This story appeared in the first issue with a picture of a crazed moggie on the front cover, it was replaced by The Nightcomers in issue 7 after failing to be one of Screams more popular stories.
Although a gripping read, Cats was about, well… cats, not as scary as some stories but incredibly camp and funny in a strange sort of way!

The hero of this story was Allen Woodward, a local reporter working for the Barchester Evening Echo. Sent to Barchester Royal Infirmary to do a quirky piece on a spate of cat attacks, Allen finds himself at the center of a mad scientists experiment with the feline psyche. Dr Ulrich Kruhl, (C-r-u-e-l) an insane genius, had created The Brain of the Cats, a giant telepathic collective intelligence with the power to control all feline forms. This supreme master of cats had turned on its creator and was hell-bent on taking over the world with an unstoppable feline army. It was up to Allen Woodward, who was no pussy himself, to solve the mystery and save the day.


  You can now read the entire of this story in The Gallery along with many other great tales.
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