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This is the greatest and only selection of Scream stories available free of charge to the general public. Back from the Depths can not be held responsible for headaches, loss of sleep, sweaty palms, and scary nightmares! You have been warned!

All 15 Issues, now online!

Bonus Holiday Special

Holiday Special 1986

Arguably the best of the Scream Holiday Specials. This collection of mostly unseen stories will delight all Scream fans looking for new material to whet their appauling appetites.


One off stories - 8 Spooky stories to chill the blood, now online!

Beware the Werewolf

By popular demand, from the Library of Death, feast your eyes on Beware the Werewolf!


Sea Beast, now online!

From the dusty volumes in the Library of Death, Sea Beast is now available to view online.


Tales from the Grave: The Undertaker

Terrible tale of greed and destruction narrated by everyones favourite Grave Digger; The Leper. Gruesomely good!

The Drowning Pond

This story seems to be the most memorable and haunting tales from the Library of Death. It is the most requested story from all the members of the Freaky forum. Hope it scares you all shitless.

Terror of the Tomb

A grave end is in store for those who face The Terror of the Tomb! Another great story from The Library of Death.


Tales from the Grave: A Fatal Extraction

Another tale of greed and destruction narrated by everyone's favourite Grave Digger; The Leper. Not for anyone with a fear of the dentist!


Dead Wrong

Another request from the Library of Death. This story is from one of the Scream holiday specials so will be new to some of you out there.

Dead Wrong

Mr Ugly

Possibly the best story from the Spinechillers issue of Scream. Amazing artwork and a wicked story to match.

Mr Ugly


Full Length Stories - Oh yes, we got it all in the The Gallery!

The Thirteenth Floor

At long last the wait is over! The greatest horror comic strip ever written is now here for all to see! Prepare to meet Max, a super intelligent computer and a complete and utter nutter! Show some respect!


All of the 13th Floor


Prepare to relieve one of the greatest adventures ever told! Ladies and Gentlemen, an extremely moving tale of friendship and compassion, behold, Monster.


Monster, Monster

Terror of the Cats

Are the recent cat attacks on people just a feline phenomenon; or is it something far more sinister than that! Local reporter Allen Woodward finds himself drawn into a mystery in which he will need all of his wits and skills to bring him out the other side still alive!




The Nightcomers

Rick and Beth Rogan battle an unknown evil that could destroy them both. Catch the awesome Nightcomers here on Back from the Depths!


The Scream Dream Team

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