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  These collection of stories were narrated by the filthy Grave Digger known as The Leper. Tales from the Grave took us back to Victorian London, a city full of cut throat rogues and back-stabbing villains. These 6 great tales really showed the depravation of mankind and how low some people would sink for money and power.  


Issue 1: The Undertaker - Read it now in The Gallery
"Let's start with Joshuah Sleeth 'imself. If you wanted someone buried, ole Joshuah was the man to do it, no questions asked. If ever a man lived for his work, it was him! Perhaps that was why the very sight of him caused folk to cower from his path like terrified rabbits!"

Issue 5: R.I.P Willard Giovanna
"Most bodies stay put in the ground. Aye, most of 'em. But I can tell you a tale about a lost soul an' his grave that'll make you wonder."

Issue 7: The Cabbie and the Hanging Judge
"The hangin' judge they called him. On account o' the number o' men he'd sent to the gallows. No matter what the circumstances, no matter what the crime, if 'e said you were guilty, a maximum sentence an' no mercy was what you got!"

Issue 9: A Fatal Extraction - Read it now in The Gallery
"Dentists can cause you plenty o' pain - but one particular dentist springs to mind. Visitin' a tooth doctor by the name of Thomas Thorpe could be quite dangerous…Most of 'is work were Extractions o' course."

Issue 12: The Escape
"Young Billy White…undertaker's apprentice. 'E were a grasping, greedy little wretch! Old Jeb were Billy's employer…an' every bit as greedy and graspin' as the boy 'isself!"

Issue 14: The man they called Doctor Death
Well I reck'n a gruesome bunch as yerselves are just burnin' to 'ear a really nasty story. So be it! Let me tell you about a young doctor by the name of Phillary, who no doubt ended up in the flames o' hell for what 'e did!"

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