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A great haunted house story with fantastic artwork, The Nightcomers looked set to become a great feature of Scream. The ghost hunting business Beth and Rick inherited off their deceased parents would have led to some wicked adventures but was cut short by the comics untimely death.

The story begins with the unnatural murder of David and Anne Rogan, 'The Amazing Rogans' who were investigating supernatural goings on at 'Raven's Meet', a haunted house with an evil spirit inside. Their two children Rick and Beth are mysteriously drawn together and head off to 'Raven's Meet' to discover exactly what happened to their parents.
The young Rogans stumbled upon a terrifying tale of black magic and devil worshipping which they defeated with courage, teamwork and the special powers they also inherited from their mother and father.


  You can now experience the great adventure that is The Nightcomers online in The Gallery today.

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