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Max had high morals and a very strict social conscious. He looked after the poor and unfortunate and punished the mean. However you did not have to do much to get in his bad books. He was basically a super intelligent raving psychopath who could scare anyone to death with the horrible nightmares he created on The Thirteenth Floor.

Max also had the power to hypnotise people and control them to cover up his murders. Max's adventures continued after the merger of Scream and Eagle.


Max++Of course, I haven't told anyone the whole truth - not even Jerry. He might not understand. He might try and switch me off, and I couldn't allow that. One of my tenants may need me again, and after all…the welfare of my tenants is my prime concern.++
Max++I'm nice that way. I like to help people when I can. Of course if they don't play the game with me, I soon let them know about it.++
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