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  When we are first introduced to Kenny he is burying his father in the back garden! Wow! Only twelve years old, he offered instant identification for the target audience of Scream. After his mother died, Kenny Corman suffered at the hands of his abusive father but he had too much of his mothers blood in him to be a bad person himself. An unwanted orphan, Kenny was kind enough to see Uncle Terry as he really was, simply misunderstood. All this and the fact that he was the only person alive who was able to control his beast of an uncle, made Kenny the ultimate hero.  

"Dear Kenny,
The fact that you are reading this means that your father and I
are dead and you must now learn the truth about the monster
that lives in this room. Yes, I call him a monster even though
he is my own flesh and blood. His name is Terry…
Terry is eight years younger than me. Poor pathetic creature,
he was like that from birth… My parents -
your grandparents, Kenny - hated Terry. They locked him
away in this attic room and that's where he grew up, totally
neglected just because he looks different. Then my parents
health started to fail, within days of each other, my parents died.
Then your dad and I moved into their house but your father
would never let me spend enough time with my brother to
really help him!
Now your father and I are gone, Terry is your responsibility,
Kenny. Treat him kindly. No matter what he looks like, he
is your own flesh and blood."

Kenny's mother last dying wish

The Scream Dream Team

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