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Scream lives on in Back from the Depths

Back from the Depths was originally founded as a tribute site dedicated to Scream! the short-lived UK creepy comic phenomenon from the early Eighties. Scream! graced comic shelves during an important era for British comics, which saw the title contending for shelf space with legendary weeklies such as Eagle, 2000AD, Battle, Misty, Tiger & many more. Browsing this site you will find character, bios, story lines, cover art and even spooky stories scanned directly from Scream! in The Gallery. Our aim is to make sure Scream! is never forgotten.

Ghastly McNasty

Scream! was only available for 15 issues but left a lasting impression on its young readers. This site, now active for over 10 years, has re-united Scream! fans, many of whom still have an interest in horror comics. This has resulted in a series of acclaimed Scream! inspired comics.